A Tradesman..... I have been interested in the outdooors, woodcarving, and tools the majority of my life.

My passion for making tools came late. Life changes, as it usually does and I became interested in “less”. 

Quality over quantity. This started my interest in making high quality tools, built to last.  Made one at a time here in Washington, I strive for the highest quality tool possible. 

All tools are made using high quality 80Crv2 steel. Forged, normalized, quenched, and tempered in shop. Nothing is sent out, and I control the whole process from start to finish. Blades are flat scandi ground with a zero bevel, and around 24.5-25 degree inclusive bevel.  

Each blade is given an edge flex test against copper, and a carving test on seasoned ash/hickory.  My main wood choice is Cherry.  However I may offer additional choices as stock allows. All of my knives are hidden tangs.  Heat pierced and epoxied using West Systems G-flex.  All wood is further sealed using True Tongue oil/pine oil mix. A Tool created to last a lifetime!